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Need Durable Metal Roof Installation in Broken Hill, NSW?

Plumbhill Pty Ltd is currently offering professional metal roof installation in Broken Hill & surrounding areas. Last November Broken Hill experienced widespread property damage due to severe hailstorms. The wind ripped the roofs right off many houses and the community has gone into rebuild mode, with many properties needing major assistance with aluminium roofing & metal roof repair. And we said, Right, we’re on it!

Metal Roof Installation Broken Hill



With over a decade of experience, we can help with a variety of metal roof installation needs, incorporating materials such as aluminium, Colorbond, steel, & more to ensure your home or business looks great and is fully protected against the elements.



You May Just Need a Basic Metal Roof Repair, Rather Than Full Replacement

If the damage isn’t too bad or is fairly isolated, we can often repair your metal or aluminium roof with professional expertise. It can be hard to gauge if you need a whole new roof installed or not, so if you’d like we can visit your site in or around Broken Hill to determine if metal roof repair is possible. We’ll give a free estimate for the services that we recommend based on the site inspection and often can be back onsite completing the work in a matter of days.



Plus: Peripheral Services Like Downpipes & Guttering, Plumbing, & More


We also specialise in roof plumbing, so we can install or repair your roof and look after the downpipes and guttering.


Why wait for more bad weather to make things worse? Take action! Call us today and we’ll help with any metal roof installation and repair issues in Broken Hill. We look forward to meeting you and will work hard to restore your property to it’s former glory…or better!