We Proudly Offer a Full Range of Metal Roofing & Plumbing Services in Byron Bay

Metal Roofing

Plumbhill offers new METAL ROOFING installation and METAL ROOF REPAIRS for commercial, industrial, & residential customers.


Gasfitting Services

Plumbhill offers GASFITTING services to commercial, industrial, & residential customers. To learn more about how we can help, click on the link below.


Drainage & Sewage

Plumbhill offers DRAINAGE & SEWAGE services to commercial, industrial, & residential customers. To speak with us about your project, click below.


Hot & Cold Water

Plumbhill offers HOT & COLD WATER services to all types of customers. To learn more about our professional services, click on the link below.


About Us

Plumbhill Pty Ltd has brought years of leading plumbing services to Byron Bay, NSW. More than a decade ago Reece Hill Zakula began working professionally in the metal roofing industry, and soon his vision and knowledge led to the formation of his own business. With ten years of experience in Melbourne & Broken Hill, he has set up full time operations of plumbing services & metal roofing in Byron Bay.


At Plumbhill we are not pushy know-it-all salespeople. First & foremost we are plumbers and we have a practical & simple approach to the design and installation of all types of plumbing systems.


The fact is that plumbing is of high demand and is an integral part of every structure, whether it be a small flat to a multi-story building. In our eyes, it’s the right perspective that makes our projects turn out well. It’s also persistence and patience; the ability to work smoothly through issues, problems and design flaws that inevitably arise.

How We Can Help

  • Simple & Effective Plumbing Solutions
  • Punctual Arrival + Clean Departure
  • Open Communication of Project Status
  • Affordable Quotes
  • 10+ Years of Direct Industry Experience
  • Multiple Plumbing Solutions Available
  • Making Us Byron Bay’s 1-Stop-Shop for Plumbing Services

Experience + Insight + Communication = Plumbhill


Plumbing: The system of pipes, tanks, fittings and other apparatus required for the water supply, heating, and sanitation in a building.


Also: Used as a humorous euphemism for the excretory tracts and urinary system: “I’d never discuss my plumbing with the ladies”!

We Keep Our Clients Happy!


“Thank you so much for finishing the roof so fast. We were expecting it to take weeks and it was just a few days.


I’ll try to refer you to anyone who needs a similar Colorbond roofing installation in the Melbourne area…


Anyway, we love our new metal roof and guttering and couldn’t be happier.”


-Rose, Glen Iris

Feel free to call us on:

0416 276 922

Or alternatively send us an email with the relevant details & a contact phone number. We’d love to hear from you & discuss your next project.


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